Things to Do to Get a Gay Hook-up

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G ay hook-ups are fun, when done right. If you are planning on getting laid you need to know a number of things so you don’t get rejected. The first thing is to get prepared for rejection. You might not always get the dude, but that’s fine. Here are the rest of the things to do to get a gay hook-up:


1. Put yourself out there. If you want to get a gay hook-up, you need to make a move. Download a gay hook-up app or visiting a website to get started. Fill out your profile, put some pictures up and watch your phone get filled with notifications


2. Your profile needs to be short but fun, flirty but not pervert material. If you’re interested in a gay hook-up, you need to sell yourself so other men can view your profile and like it. Your headliner needs to be very interesting, you aren’t looking for a commitment here, just some fun. Keep it simple and at the surface, there is no need to go into details as it might turn off the men. Things like academic and work background should not be anywhere near your profile.


3. Pictures are everything. The better looking your picture, the more people check out your profile. Don’t use an old blurry picture; rather go for something fresh and exciting; putting a picture of your safari adventures does not count. Let the picture be of good quality; a high resolution picture works wonders. Sell yourself but be honest about it, a successful gay hook-up depends on it. The lighting and angles matter a lot get your good side and work it. You can go topless or wear a form fitting top, show those muscles and abs.


4. You could also get a gay hook-up at a bar. This involves you having a conversation before anything happens, if talking is not your strong suit, stick to the app. If you do have smooth moves when it comes to conversing, use it to your advantage. Flirt the pants of that man, while buying him a drink.



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