The Dark Side to Using Gay Apps and How to Avoid It

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G ay apps; there’s the good, the bad and the ugly. The good, is that you get to meet new friends, with the barrier of location and distance eliminated, experience new culture, find love, get a family and discover a whole lot of things about the gay community you did not know. The bad, is that you might become a little detached from reality and how things should work, this is if you constantly use gay apps as your source of escape and if you have a problem with talking to people in reality. The ugly are the predators and scammers that lurk on gay apps looking for ways to pile on their victim number. Killings from gay app hook-ups are on the rise, and this is a very big dark side to using gay apps. People leave their homes with the intention of having a good time but never come back. There is no certainty in life, but this dark side can be avoided if you follow these tips:


1. Find out as much as you can before meeting up with the individual in person. People are prone to pretend on a gay app, but they can’t help but give a little of themselves away on social media and while he may be on your profile telling you what you think you need to hear. Digging up any dirt possible might get you out of a potentially tight spot.


2. Be clear on what is to be expected on the date: if you’re not interested in having anything more than a casual evening, speak up so there’s is not miscommunication as to what will happen that night. When you meet up with the individual, do not agree to go to his house on the first date. Trust needs to be built before you can do this


3. Don’t give out any personal information, people who ask for this are probably predators


4. Trust your instincts. This is properly lifesaving advice for people who use gay dating apps. If there are any bells ringing, you need to stop communications at once.



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