Gay Rights in India

ay rights in India have been seriously limited. They don’t have the same rights as heterosexuals as they cannot engage in sexual activities as it is illegal, get marry, adopt, or get a civil [...]

Gay Marriage in the UK

arriage is something a lot of people aspire to, it has long been said that this is the ultimate joy a human could have, a lifelong partner and maybe some children along the way. The law has [...]

Gay Rights in the UK

ay rights are an extremely important factor for the peaceful existence of gay people in the world. There is a lot of discrimination towards gay people, and hate crimes also have a part to play. [...]

Gay Rights Movement

he gay rights movement is put in place to fight for the rights of gay, lesbian transgender and transsexual individuals. They are involved for fighting homosexuals by seeking to take down the [...]

Gay Rights in China

ay rights do exist in china, but are very limited. The only gay rights that have been passed into the law is the one that allows sexual activities between homosexuals and the age of consent being [...]

11 Facts about Gay Rights

ay rights have been fought for by the LGBT community for a great number of years, the right to be treated fairly by other people is no joke. Gay rights encompass equality that has been fought for [...]

Lesbian and Gay Rights

esbian and gay rights are those rights that are similar to basic human rights, equal to the rights a heterosexual couple would have, and protect people in same-sex relations from discrimination. [...]