Staying Safe during A Gay Hook-up

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G ay hook-ups are fun, harmless and flirty with little to no chance on a long term relationship. Hook-ups are supposed to be harmless but crimes from gay hook-ups have been on the steady rise. It is disheartening to be scared on something that should give joy to both partners involved; this can be countered by taking safety measures when meeting up a guy for a gay hook-up. It might not look it, but safety first before fun; this might seem like too much work but in reality it helps keep you on your toes and protected. Uncertainties occur and harm can happen at any time, but this doesn’t mean staying safe shouldn’t be a priority. These are ways to stay safe during a gay hook-up:


1. Communicate your expectations for the night. You need to let your partner know what it is you plan on doing that night to avoid misunderstandings. This might kill the vibe of spontaneity for the evening but it’s better to know what you are getting into and also keep your partner in the loop in order to prevent unfortunate events.


2. Gay hook-ups could happen anywhere in the bar or in a hotel room. Attacks can also happen anywhere, it is important to have a good idea of the environment you will be in and all the exit points, so you could make a quick getaway, should an alteration arise.


3. Before going for your gay hook-up, you should check in with someone, tell your friends and family where you are going. Download some apps that allow you check in at specific times of the night. Some of these apps also check in with numbers that you have provided.


4. It’s a gay hook-up, so the issue of medical reports might not come up, but you should still protect yourself by using a condom


5. If there is any problem, you need to scream as loudly as possible. Studies show that this distracts the attacker for some seconds, giving you time to alert other people or probably fight your way through.



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