Relationship Goals for Gay Couple

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P eople generally look up to celebrities for the latest styles, best places to eat, top countries to go on vacation and even relationships. Famous gay couples who came out when gay marriage was legalized had the spotlight on them. They were able to use these means to touch many lives and give a lot of people in the gay community courage to fight discrimination. Several years after, people are coming to terms with homosexuality and being gay is no longer frowned upon by majority of the society. People are able to see gay couples as equal, and celebrity couples are no longer given the backlash that they once were for coming out; instead they are steady being relationship goals for gay couple:


1. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burkta: Neil popularly known as Bernie from the hit series how I met your mother was in the closet for most of the time he shot the TV series. He was thought to be a ladies man till he came out of the closet in 2006 stating that he is a man’s’ man. They tied the knot in Italy on September 2014 and have children from a surrogate mother. These two lovebirds have been through a lot together and that’s why they are relationship goals for gay couples.


2. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi: Ellen and Portia are goals for gay couples. They started dating in 2004, when Ellen went for a trip in Australia. She made the announcement that she would be getting married to Portia in 2008, when the gay marriage ban was overturned and made legal. They got married that same year, with nineteen guest making an appearance at the wedding


3. George Takei and Brad Altman: George is popularly known for his role in the original star trek movie. He was in a relationship with Altman for eighteen years before deciding to come out in 2005. In 2008 he decided to get a married to his long-term partner. They were the first gay couple to apply for a marriage license in West Hollywood. This gay couple has lasted longer than some straight couples; goals!



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