How to Safely Use a Gay Dating App

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G ay dating apps have brought a lot of happiness to the people who use it, unbreakable friendships have been made, a lot of knowledge has been gained, and love has been found and happy ending occur on a daily. Gay dating apps have been useful to the gay community, but as with all good things there is always evil lurking around. If you are new to dating with gay dating app, it is necessary to understand that there are safety tips you need to apply when online, most of all do not hesitate to contact the admin when you discover that you are being targeted. It is important to be as safety conscious as possible, to avoid getting tricked by predators or scammed by criminals. These are the things to know for keeping safe on a gay dating app:


1. Never give out your personal information. These things could be asked of you by a predator or a potential stalker and should not be given out under any circumstances. Information such as billing address, home address, phone number and account number could be asked of you. If this situation occurs, it’s best to ignore the person. They are usually very persistent and will keep bugging you. The gay dating app might have a section for logging complaints or an administrator; whichever means it is, you should report for your protection and others.


2. Questions like “are you alone?” or “who do you live with?” should not be answered at all costs


2. Scammers are people who plan on getting money from you by all means necessary. They come up with the most silly excuses about different setbacks they’ve encountered in life


3. They say things like “ I would like to know you more” and “tell me about yourself”


4. Scammers on gay dating apps talk about love before anything else. They are very manipulative and play with the emotions of feelings.


T hese tips will alert you to the dangers of scammers and predators, but the best thing to do is to trust your instincts. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.



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