Great Gay people in Literature

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B eing gay has been on for decades and decades, as far back as the roman empires where gay marriage was not seen as immoral or evil and relationships were not discriminated against. This changed in the 16th century when people started seeing gays as evil people and tried to discriminate against them. The criminalization of gay behaviour did not stop people from expressing their love; they found different ways to do it. Poetry, literature and other written texts helped people express themselves and there were so many gay brilliant literature writers in those days. This article gives examples of great gay people in literature history:


1. Truman Capote: was a writer who wrote gay material, fiction and non-fiction alike. Some books that were Witten were other voices other rooms which was a gay southern gothic book, breakfast at tiffany’s and in cold blood which was a non-fiction novel. These books became successful films.


2. James Baldwin: he was African-American a writer and a novelist. He grew up in Harlem but spent most of his live in Paris. He wrote two autobiographies that were gay novels; one was Giovanni’s room and the other was another country. He was a man who could sum up the meaning of the revolutionary spirit of the 60’s


3. Allen Ginsberg: Were an American poet and an activist. He was gay and didn’t hide it. He wrote the beat generation with jack Kerouac and William Burroughs. He became infamous with his poem Howl, wrote drugs, Buddhism and gay liberation. He was very talented and won a lot of literary awards


4. Thom Gunn: had dual nationality, he was part British and part American. He moved to USA when he published Fighting terms. He was influenced by metaphysical poets from the 17th He wrote my sad captains, jack straws castle, and the man with the night sweats.


5. Audre Lorde: was an African-American writer and a very strong activist. She was born to West Indian parents who lived in Harlem. She was a black lesbian feminist writer and wrote the book sister outsider. She was an activist who wanted respect despite differences. She wrote an autobiography, Zami.



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