Gay Rights in India

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G ay rights in India have been seriously limited. They don’t have the same rights as heterosexuals as they cannot engage in sexual activities as it is illegal, get marry, adopt, or get a civil union. This law was created in 1860, when the court stated that it was illegal for individuals to have “carnal intercourse against the order of nature”. This law was repealed in 2009 in new Delhi by the high court on the basis that legal prohibitions on consensual, same-sex sexual activities was in direct violation of the fundamental human rights. This law because it was passed by the high court was meant to be upheld in all parts of India, but this is not the case. On February, 28 2012, the government changed its mind on its gay rights stand and made it illegal again. There have been petitions till as at 2015, opposing this bill but the government still maintains its stand.


G ay rights in India are non-existent, but this does not mean that people aren’t fighting. The cities of New Delhi, Calcutta and Bangalore held their first gay parade on July 28, 2012. In 2017, the minister of health affairs, release some health related materials which was made available which talked about homosexuality and its normality. Gay rights have also been fought for through pride parades in Chennai on 28 June 2009, which is a very conservative city and Mumbai on the same day. Nolan Lewis represented in the Mr. Gay world 2013. He was an Indian but sought asylum in the United States.


G ay rights might still be illegal in India, based on its religion. The country of India is filled with highly religious us. Hinduism texts, don’t necessarily express that homosexuality is immoral but some of the texts have gone from neutral to antagonistic which gives a negative implication. Times are changing however, and people are optimistic that the government will change their mind on the gay rights issue. The governmental and political activities in India will continue petitioning till the government can see reason to give homosexuals, gay rights.



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