Gay Marriage Rights

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T he allure around gay marriage has been said by a number of people to be a façade for sinister acts, and if this is the case why do people still consider marriage. Some people fulfilment does not depend on getting married, and would rather remain single or in a relationship with no intention of marriage than to get married.  These sad descriptions would have you think that marriage is not necessary, but then again a lot of people beg to differ. These people see marriage as a way to validate the love of their partners to them. People get married for a whole lot of reasons, some people for fulfillment and others for government benefits. Some get married because they believe that having a kind of religious attachment is the only way the union is authentic


A lot of people have been against the legalization of gay marriage for a long time. The right for gay people to come together in holy matrimony has been the debate amongst religious establishments and the law for a couple of years. This is based on the former definition of marriage; stating that marriage is a union between one man and one woman. This definition has been changed to include all sexual orientation and is now said to be a union between two partners under the law or church. Gay marriage is being legalized all over the world in recent times, and gay marriage rights have become a thing to consider.


W hat are gay marriage rights? This is simply the right to the same things as any other couple would have. People are equal and are accorded basic human rights, so why not have equal rights based on sexual orientation. A Gay marriage right are simply the right to be wedded in a church by a religious head if you so choose, or by a court of law. It is the right to have the protection of the law at all times. A  Gay marriage right is the right to be treated with respect by all business establishments. Everybody deserves a chance at happiness with the partner of their choice and this is what gay marriage rights are about.



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