Gay Marriage in the UK

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M arriage is something a lot of people aspire to, it has long been said that this is the ultimate joy a human could have, a lifelong partner and maybe some children along the way. The law has always however defined marriage as an institution for a man and a woman. This has also been the case in religious establishments until recently. The definition of marriage has and is changed in a lot of countries and UK is not exempted.


T he debate about gay rights and gay marriage have been on for a very long time, reason being if basic human rights can be given to people, those same rights should be given to gays. The right to be with whomever you love, regardless of the gender has been the leading campaign for the fight against inequality. The argument people try to give as to why gay marriage is not right has been countered over and over again. The fight for the rights on gay marriage in the UK was finally granted on 29 march 2014 at midnight. Peter McGraith and David Cabreza, John Coffey and Bernardo Marti, and Andrew Wale and Neil Allard were part of the very first people to get married. This victory was a great one but some religious establishments resisted, even when David Cameron sent a message that said all people are equal regardless of their sexuality. This was a moving period for a lot of gay people, who felt civil partnerships were not as great as gay marriage, but at the time some people were adamant about gay marriage being wrong in the UK. A BBC study showed that one fifth of British people would turn down an invitation to a gay marriage as they were not comfortable with it. However, things are changing; people are beginning to see that an equal right based on sexual orientation is pertinent.


G ay marriage in the UK in is legal and there are protective rules in place to ensure that people don’t abuse this. To find out more about gay marriage laws, is very easy. There are sites all over the internet with the original version for better clarification.



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