Gay Dating Tips For Teenagers

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G ay Dating can be scary sometimes, it can also be the most exciting and exhilarating moment in your life. Meeting and making a love connection can be a tricky thing and for you this might be a chance to meet the first love of your life and hopefully the only love of your life. Gay dating might be a gray area for you as teenagers, but a couple of tips will straighten that out right away.


1. The thing about liking someone is that they have to like you back. Gay dating does have some limitations, as some people are in the closet and they are not willing to come out. The worst thing to do would be to be with someone who wasn’t willing to be as expressive as you are about your feelings. Falling in love for the first time shouldn’t be a painful experience, get with someone that’s gay and proud.


2. The little things count. Make your gay dating partner feel special, get him flowers, hold his hand when on the hallways, remember his birthdays, celebrate his achievements and be there when he’s going through a tough time. Being young means that emotions are always going up and down, if you plan to love your partner for a long time you need to be understanding.


3. Communication is one of the most important things in a gay dating relationship. You and your partner should be able to tell each other when you have a problem with behaviour. If you don’t like how your man spoke to that cool boy in school, speak up and let him know your feelings


4. Be cautious when going out on dates. Don’t stay out past your curfew and let your parents know exactly where you go out to. Gay dating is not always safe, so keep your dates in open spaces; the movies or a nice restaurant.


5. Sex is something you need to be absolutely sure about before doing it. Gay dating does have some misconceptions around it; one is it’s all about sex. This is false; don’t be pressured into sex when you’re not ready.



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