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I n the past gay couples always had to hide their relationships, but with the new and evolving gay rights put in place to protect the community and the growing acceptance for this, more people are coming out the closet. Celebrities are embracing who they are and are showing off their respective partners. Here are some celebrities and their boyfriends:


1. Miles McMillan a young famous model who is no stranger to working with top international labels such as Alexandra McQueen and Karl Lagerfeld is dating Zachary Quinto, star wars star and if you remember Silas from the series hero, then you know who this is. This gay couple have been dating for quite a while now and live together with their cats and dogs. These two gay couples always look good together.


2. Dustin Lance Black is the screen writer for the famous movie Milk, which he won an Oscar for. This charming and striking man grew up in a Mormon household and thanks the story of Harvey milks for inspiring him during his coming out process. He is dating the delectable tom Harvey, a diver. They first met at a party where tom typed call me and his number into his phone notes, they got to talking and swear it’s been love ever since. Tom came out in an inspirational video shortly after they got together. Tom says Dustin makes him feel safe. These cute gay couple have the best dynamics and right amount of charisma that makes you love them.


3. This next gay couple are always very fashion coordinated, and why wouldn’t they be. Thomas Dozol is a photographer with an eye for beautiful things. His partner Michel stipe lives together with him in New York, a Tribeca apartment to be specific.


4. These next gay celebrity boyfriends have no problem working for the big screen; Jeremy Glazer and Chad Allen have worked on a movie together, called save me. Jeremy has done some work in TV series like 7th heaven, veronica mars and ER. He has also appeared in the movie letters from Iowa.



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