Famous Interracial Gay Couple

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S tudies have shown that gay couples are more open to interracial relations than straight couples and celebrities are not excluded. Gay movements have fought for gay rights for a very long time and these days the fight has begun to count. A lot of countries have decriminalized homosexuality and some have legalized gay marriages. This has given a lot of gay couples the courage to come out of the closets. Gay couples have been coming out of the closet also because of celebrity couples. The numbers of celebrity gay couples that have come out in recent times have been startling and there are a good number of interracial gay couples in the mix:


1. Wanda and Alex Skyes: Wanda married Alex in 2008, before this she was married to her former husband for about seven years. She struggled with coming out to her mother for a very long time. Wanda feels that being black, lesbian and a woman targets her for a whole lot of discrimination. Wanda and ales Skye have two beautiful children.


2. Michael Sam and Vito Cammisano: Michael is the first openly gay player that has been drafted into the NFL, he and his boyfriend Vito Cammisano are another example of a famous interracial gay couple; Michael is African-American and Vito is white.


3. Scott Baker and Shaun T: If you know the insanity videos, then you know Shaun T. handsome, sexy and a celebrity trainer is married to his husband Scott Baker. This was made known through a congratulatory retweet a few years ago.


4. Gerald McCullouch and Derrick Gordon: derrick is dating Gerald and though the age difference between them is quite huge and gets people talking from time to time, but they are in love and happy. Derrick an African-American basketball player made a debut with his 47 year old gay lover in 2014 at the GLAAD media awards.


5. Jason Collins and Brunson Green: Jason Collins is an African-American NBA player, he likes to keep his personal affairs private but he is openly gay and dating white Oscar nominated film producer Green.



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