Do’s And Don’ts in a Gay Chat

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G ay chat is normally a safe haven for the gay community, this is where people come to feel wanted and loved, and they also come to form new friendships. Gay chat rooms create a cover for people who aren’t ready to come out of the closet and as a result there are rules governing the type of behaviour that is allowed in the gay chat rooms. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts in a gay chat room:


1. Don’t give out any personal information, whether it’s billing information, addresses, and phone numbers. This is for your safety as there are predators on gay chat rooms and if you give out your personal information, you might get hurt.


2. If you do encounter any predator or people asking you for your personal information, you need to inform the administrator of the gay chat so they can take necessary safety precautions.


3. You should not be nude, till you are connected to a private chat. This is for privacy reasons, because your picture could be taken on a webcam. When in the gay chat main room, it is advisable to be properly dressed.


4. Any kinky play is at your discretion and should only be conducted in the private gay chat room.


5. If you do not agree with anyone’s political, religious, and cultural views, you need to keep it to yourself. If you did not agree with any views, you can ask the administration to create a new chat for you to air your views


6. Don’t post any promotional content on the gay chat room. You should not post links to any content that you are selling on the chat room


7. Do not harass member on the group chat. Respect everybody and personally attack anybody


8. Ask people before starting a private chat with anybody


9. Do not impersonate anybody. Do not clone peoples username as it can confusion in the chat room. This can lead to an immediate ban from the site.


10. You need to have only one username, multiple identities from the same IP address can disrupt activities in the chat room.



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