8 Historical Facts about the Gay Rights Movement

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T he gay rights movement are in place to promote equality.  They help people in the LGBT community fight for their rights to be treated the same as other individuals. Things like discrimination in housing, accommodation, employment, loan application, mortgage payments and health care are often denied gay people on the grounds of their sexual orientation. History is important for the navigation of future events; here are 10 historical facts about the gay rights movement:


1. Karl Heinrich Ulrichs in Prussia was the true father of the gay rights movement. This he did in 1867 when he spoke out, publically defending homosexuals at the congress of Germany jurists in Munich. He asked that gay rights be given to gay people and the law against gays should be revoked.


2. The order of Chaerona was created by George Cecil Ives in 1897. It was a secret society made for gays and lesbians to interact without fear of persecution.


3. The first countries to decriminalize homosexuality were Netherlands and its neighbourhood. This was done from 1800-1960. Other countries like japan, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and other soon followed suit.


4. Gay people were killed in concentration camps simply for being Gay. The Nazi’s would put a pink triangle as a means of identification. This pink triangle is used as a symbol of gay rights and persecution in recent times.


5. The oldest organization for gay rights is the C.O.C. it was formed in 1946 for two reasons; social emancipation and a safe space for gay and lesbian individuals. The organization is still in existence till today.


6. LGBT was formed as results of the police riots in stonewall in, New york. The event took place in 1969 where a lot of sex minorities were arrested. This led to protests and demand for gay rights.


7. Sweden was the first country to legally offer the transgender change process in 1942. They also offer free hormone therapy.


8. Jeanne Manford formed a group named PFLAG, after her son was beaten up for being a gay activist. This group seeks to bridge the gap between the heterosexual and homosexual community.



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