7 reasons why gay marriage should be legalized

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G ay marriage and gay marriage rights are integral in the society, people are feeling free enough to express their sexuality and a lot of people are coming out of the closet. This is creating a need for people to want to solidify their relationships the best way they can; through gay marriage. Different sectors of various countries are opposing the right for gay people to get married; for reasons from cultural to social to religious and to political. This has not stopped the number of countries that have legalizing gay marriage from increasing as time goes back. If you have a hard time arguing about why gay marriage should be legalized, here are ten reasons.


1. Humans have fundamental rights and should be treated equally. This means that it shouldn’t matter where you are from or what your sexuality is, equal rights should be the main issue. Gay marriages are no different from straight marriages, because it is based on two people getting married.


2. Gay marriage should be legalized for structure. A lot of gay people have children together, and marriage has been proven to give some kind of stability in the likes of gay couples and their children alike.


3. Gay marriage should be legalized for protection. A lot of people have been discriminated for their sexual orientation, so it is important for the law to provide a means to help these people out.


4. Gay marriage, unlike civil unions provides a lot of benefits, privileges and advantages from the government who provided those laws. One of which is having your marriage licence valid no matter which country you travel.


5. It does bring a lot of financial benefits to the economy. A wedding is sure to add some input financially into the country’s economy.


6. Gay marriage should be allowed due to the society’s ever changing ways. Evolution is bound to evolve, and this is just one way to let it happen.


7. The traditional means of marriage is grossly inaccurate and is prone to failure most of the time. Gay marriages have more stability, because people are risking discrimination to profess their love and claim their partners.



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