5 Ways a Gay Dating App Is Better Than a Gay Bar

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G ay bars have been around for a very long time, often a place where men can meet other men for dates, no strings attached hook-ups or just drinks, and it did have a hand in revolutionizing the gay dating scene. Gay dating apps are a technological way of meeting people, quick, efficient and convenient, it is fast becoming the preferred means of meeting men. Gay dating apps are generally accepted as one of the best ways to find a match, making them preferable to gay bars. Other reasons include:


1. Gay dating apps can save you from a lot of embarrassment. If rejection is not something you handle very well, you might want to take a step back from gay bars and try a gay dating app. There is complete control over any conversation you may have from the app, this way you can turn the person down before they even get the chance. These apps also take away the anxiety of walking up to someone new, instead you could just send a simple text, no pressure at all.


2. Gay dating apps are safer than gay bars. These two means of meeting people do have some security issues but gay dating apps, win the safety challenge. The apps put in place systems to weed out the predators, plus you don’t have to meet anyone till you are certain that your safety is assured


3. Gay dating apps cost less. Gay bars come with something essential – alcohol. Regular alcohol might not cost much, but the ones at the bar sure do. If you are interested in getting to know someone, you might have to buy a drink or two, which might not be worth it in the end. Gay dating apps let you save money by getting to know the person first, before deciding if the drinks will be worth it.


4. Gay dating apps offer a wider range of services, from different types of men to men from different countries, to basic services like making new friends, which is notable absent in gay bars.



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