10 Gay Marriage Facts

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G ay marriage by definition is the joining of two partners of the same sex, with the same biological outlook. Gay marriage is one of the most political issues in the world right now. The right to be with a life partner regardless of gender has been an on-going argument in the midst of moral and religious individuals. The right to gay marriage as legalised under the law has been a topic most people argue about; a lot of gay activist argue that gay people should have the same right to gay people as is under the law based on the fundamental rights section of the law. A lot of religious establishments have fought for the abolishment of gay marriage, with the argument that it is not normal. These issues might be common knowledge, but here are a few things that aren’t


1. Gay marriage is a fundamental right, social, cultural, political and religious issue in most part of the world. The question of if people who are biological similar should get married have been dissected and intricately discussed and there are different views on this issue worldwide.


2. Gay marriage is very different from civil union, especially in the US. A civil union is the joining of two couples without legal benefits. This can be confusing, as the two are for the same purpose but gay marriage has more recognition in other states. Civil unions are not legally binding in some states


3. Countries where gay marriage is legalized have access to gay marriage rights such as legal protection and spousal support in the event of a divorce.


4. The laws are being passed in countries but the hate crimes are on the increase in some of these said countries


5. Some adoption agencies discriminate against gay couples, irrespective of their marriage status.


6. Over 30 African countries fail to recognise gay marriage as one of the basis for the definition of marriage


7. All The five Nordic countries have legalized same-sex marriages.


8. In the 21st century, support for gay marriage has improved in all spheres of life


9. As at 2016, these countries in the us had banned same-sex marriage; Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, Ohio and Tennessee


10. The first mention of gay marriage occurred in the Roman Empire.



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